9 ways to stop allergies without medicine

9 ways to stop allergies without medicine.

Many people have experience allergies either in their childhood or at their adult hood stage. This can arise from the food they eat or the medication given to anyone when they are sick.

This post contains 9 ways to stop allergies without medicine. No need of taking drugs or any medication before you can stop allergies.

Here is 9 ways to stop allergies without medicine but before diverting on that,let’s know what is Allergy, causes, example and syptoms.

What is Allergy?

An allergic reaction is when the immune system overreacts to an allergen, which is typically an innocuous food or item in the environment.

The immune system creates antibodies (called IgE) to “remember” the allergen when the body recognizes it as a threat, much like how the body defends itself against viruses.
The immune system react as a result of the foreign substances such as pollen, once they react to substances, Histamine ( chemical found in the body ) is released to neutralize this substances and hence allergies reaction and syptoms will be experience.

When there is an allergic reaction, the immune system is triggered because the antibodies recognize the allergen e.g pollen, food , drugs, insect sting etc.

Causes of allergy
When your immune system misidentifies a typically safe substance as a potentially harmful invader, an allergy develops. Following that, the immune system creates antibodies that continue to be on the lookout for that specific allergen.
These antibodies may cause a range of immune system chemicals, including histamine, to be released when you are exposed to the allergen once more, leading to allergy symptoms.

Example of allergic reaction

The most prevalent allergic diseases include eczema, hay fever, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, and food allergies.
This 9 ways to stop allergies without medicine can be use to cure all these example of allergic reaction.

Syptoms and signs of Allergies

Allergic reaction syptoms can be mild or severe. When people experience allergy, this syptoms can range from the mild stage to the severe stage . Some examples of both mild and severe allergy are:
2.heavy breathing
4.Sweeling of the face
6.Itchy lips or mouth/ rash in any part of the body
7. Feeling sleepy
8. Unconsciousness
9. Sweating

The above mention syptoms
can also be seen in other medical conditions but these are also recognize in allergic reaction.

Are you battling with Allergies? Don’t worry, at the end of this post you will find

9 ways to stop allergies without medicine

9 ways to stop allergies immediately without medicine
9 ways to stop allergies without medicine

1. Spend less time outside. Early morning, lunchtime, and windy weather are when pollen concentrations are at their maximum.

2. Make use of the air conditioning in your home and car. For your home, think about getting a HEPA filter.

3. Take a shower in the evening to remove the pollen before going to bed. Make sure to wash your hair completely. The steam from the shower can occasionally help with symptom relief.

4. To remove pollen from the nasal passages, use a saline rinse. There are manpulhy types available, including electrical devices, specialized sprayers, and neti pots.
Your healthcare professional can advise you on the finest solutions available to you.

5. If your pet has been outside, keep them out of your bedroom. This lessens the quantity of pollen in your system.

6. Use a dryer to dry your clothes instead of a clothesline outside.

7. Apply a cold compress to relieve the symptoms of itchy eyes. Also, avoid rubbing as this can exacerbate the symptoms.

8. Drink hot tea to soothe a sore throat brought on by drainage. Inhale the steam as you sip to relieve sinus congestion.

9. Apply a warm compress to your face for sinus pressure and pain.

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