Metastatic breast cancer

What is metastatic breast cancer?

Metastatic breast cancer which sometimes called the fourth stage of Breast cancer. This is the cancer of the breast in which the tumor in the breast affect other body parts. The process which those tumor keep on multiplying or spreading to other parts of the body is known as metastasis. This can affect other body organs such as liver, lungs and even the bones in the body.

This normally happen when the initial tumor of the cells multiply and migrate to other part of the body which was not affected before. This cancer cells move through a network of lymph nodes and blood vessels that eradicate bacteria, viruses and others. They make use of the bloodstream as their transportation medium to get straight to other part of the body easily.

Sometimes breast cancer can come back a year after the original therapy and diagnosis has been done and this shows that some cells have escape the treatment at the initial stage and that ais why those cells replicate and recurrence again. According to research breast cancer has been known to has ability to recall after many years of treatment and this is known as metastatic recurrence.

When this happen some part of the organ which was not affected in the initial stage will be affected which can lead to serious organ damage in the body hence this reoccurrence of this breast cancer condition which affect other organs apart from the initial organ is known as metastatic reference or a long time recurrence of breast cancer.
Women are very prevalent to this breast cancer metastasis and their early stage is being diagnosed in order to avoid all the organ damage. Sometimes men are also diagnosed with this metastasis breast cancer but it is not common compared to the average record of people with metastasis breast cancer in a year.

When there is an early diagnosis of the breast cancer and it has not affect other organs this can be termed as normal breast cancer but when it has affect other organs before the diagnosis it is known as metastatic breast cancer. This shows that before the diagnosis of this condition the cancer cells has already migrated and affect other organs in the body.

When one is being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer you will feel so scared angry why so much encryption the doctors about the treatment given that is it not proper or the diagnosis is wrong? This cancer cannot be cured easily or as simple as you might think but your doctor might do the necessary requirement and give the proper treatment to stop the metastasis changes of this cancer. You need to feel comfortable and be optimistic because your doctor will always provide the best an effective treatment for you.

Also have it in your mind that since metastatic breast cancer cannot be cured doesn’t mean it should be hopeless. Many people with this type of cancer has been confirmed to live more than normal people who are not affected with this cancer and they all take their daily activities smoothly. As for now they are different types of treatments and still wrapping options for the management of metastatic breast cancer and new drugs or medicine have been produced and tested every day for the treatment of this cancer.

Be always optimistic because many people are now living life to their satisfaction as they have been treated with metastatic breast cancer therapy and medications. This has not shows that metastatic breast cancer is not the end point of a man, which can be managed effectively an individual can live a better life.

So far has this disease cannot be cured metastatic breast cancer can be controlled for over a years, when some medication seems not to be working your doctors might change drugs because there are variety of drugs for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer . The fact that this cancer can be outside sometimes I will call in the meantime there are combination or sequence of treatment use during the management of metastatic breast cancer.
You might goes on a long time break when when this condition is responding to the treatment given or the disease is under control and you are feeling good.

Symptoms of metastatic breast cancer

At the beginning of the initial stage of a cancer it must not shows and his forms of symptoms or sign but on the long run there are some signs associated with cancer disease. A breast cancer can affect other parts of the body organs such as the Lungs, liver and the brain. But aside those organs in the body metastatic breast cancer can affect any part of the body because the tumor cells keep on migrating to other parts of the body through the bloodstream.

Due to the location of metastatic breast cancer the symptoms might be difference but here are some of the well-known symptoms of this cancer.

Severe joint pain, one can have a pain on the leg or in the bone. This pain meds be severe or a long-lasting one which does not relief immediately.

    •Weakness of the body.
    •A constant dry cough.
    •Difficulty in urinating. There can be a difficulty in urinating as this has now shown that the nerves in the body have been disturbed so it makes the urinary system to be more difficult to to perform it work normally.
    •Chest pain
    •Loss of appetite/ weakness of the body.
    One can also experience nausea and •vomiting.
    •Blurred vision
    •Difficulty in breathing as the nerves in the thoracic cavity are being inflamed.

One cannot just be said to have a metastatic breast cancer but a health history is needed to cross-examine the diagnosis. If you have those syptoms in your body your doctor might take a few questions from you like to know when this condition start and to know about your health history. If you have a metastatic breast cancer in the past this can now serve as lines for the reccuring of this cancer.
I might not have a health-related issue concerning a Cancer or a metastatic breast cancer but this test will help the doctor to know the causes and the stages of this cancer. Metastatic breast cancer can be dangerous since it has the ability to affect other body organ that is why a series of diagnosis is conducted to know the organs that has been affected so that is special therapy will be commenced.


Blood Test
X-ray scan
Magnetic resonance imaging
Positron emission tomography
Ultrasound scan of the abdomen or the chest.
Biopsy, Incase of any suspicious area in the body


Metastatic breast cancer which is also known as the fourth stages of cancer is the and migration of the initial cancer cells to other body organ which are not affected before. Though this cancer canario call after many years and months of treatment this can be as a result of some cells or infected cells that escape the treatment in the initial stage. So this house can now apply and affected ourselves and this is called recurrence of metastatic breast cancer. The process which these cancer transport to other organ is known as metastatic.

Breast cancer might not show the specific symptoms but there are some of symptoms associated with this stages of cancer which are headache,joint pain,nausea, vomiting,weakness,tenderness,lose of appetite,chest pain,severe cough pain, difficult in urinating. Your doctor can ask you to undergo. This diagnosis started from knowing your health condition before going on laboratory diagnosis which are blood diagnosis, x-ray scan and orders.

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